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Are you trying to reduce the stress of your daily life and improve your metabolism? Are you trying to boost your immune system to overcome the symptoms of the cold or flu? Do you wish to refine the appearance of your skin and keep it looking youthful and tight? Are you in physical pain from exercising or playing your favorite sport? A steam bath may very well be the solution to your problem.

The wonder of steam baths

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For thousands of years people of different cultures satisfied the thirst of the body and treated various diseases using steam. The Romans in particular were known for their rich bath rituals involving steam. Steam baths are also very popular in the Indian, Finnish and Turkish cultures.

Undergoing a few minutes in a steam bath is reportedly as energizing and as taking a nap. A session of 10 – 20 minutes in a steam room is the equivalent of a light ride as it relates to burning calories. Regular steam session will help to tone the skin and reduce the effects of tiredness on the body.

Steaming with aromatherapy oils such as peppermint are effective in clearly up in the nasal passage and are highly recommended for the treatment of the common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma and various allergies.

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Steam baths also help with the detoxification of the entire body and are great for accelerating the metabolic process. The steam bath rids the body of accumulated toxins in the body through sweat. It is reported that approximately 30% of the toxins in the body are eliminated after a session of 30 to 40 minutes in a steam bath.

Steam baths help with regularizing blood flow and in undoubtedly an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. More recently, steam baths have been used to treat cellulite. Hot steam relaxes fat, so that it is less rigid, and when combined with massaging, the cellulite disappears.

What are your thoughts about a steam bath at home?

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