Examples Of Bathroom Designs

The bathroom was initially a place for bathing, but now, things have changed. The bathroom has grown to become one of the most luxurious places in the home, with elaborate bathroom designs that homeowners spends thousands of dollars to design and build. To create comfortable and functional bathroom designs, check out the recommendations below: 1. Take note of the air circulation in the bathroom Air circulation in the lavatory is very important. Proper circulation will […]

Bathroom House Design Ideas

The bathroom house design takes into consideration the fact that bathrooms are typically small rooms, but play a very important role in our daily lives. It is important to make the space is beautiful and enjoyable, as well as functional and durable. Design a bathroom with these points in mind you will have a bathroom that you will love. Tubs and showers can be huge and take up precious space in your bathroom. The custom-built […]

Design A Bathroom Medieval

The Middle Ages are long gone, but many still find the decor appealing, and achieving a bathroom Medieval can be achieved by following these steps: Step 1: Now that you have decided to create a bathroom with influences from the Middle Ages, spend your time focusing on bringing the Medieval textures, colors and accessories to your bathroom. Do your research into what materials will help to portray this theme best, and also your options for […]

Ideas For A Closet In The Bathroom

Are you searching for innovative ideas for a closet in the bathroom? Have you ran out of storage everywhere else in the house and want to maximize the extra space in your bathroom? Then these closet ideas are just for you. If there is only one bathroom in your home, then the storage space in the bathroom will probably need to serve more than one individual. Consider setting up the closet with partitions to allow […]

Fresh, Green Bathroom Design

If you are hoping to create a sense of calm and freshness, you should consider a green bathroom design. Given that the bathroom is a place of comfort for many, a natural, calm ambiance will be important. It is the perfect place to spend a great deal of time alone to ponder, or simply unwind. Typically, the dominant color scheme used in most bathrooms is white, which for some individuals is a bit uninteresting. Why […]

Luxury Bathroom Design

A luxury bathroom can be created by using the right materials. Here are a few ideas that can help transform an uninteresting bathroom into a luxurious one. A natural stone bathroom with white fixtures, furniture and accessories oozes luxury. To transform your bathroom using this design idea, start with a rustic-style stone wall. Follow this up by polishing the bathroom with a wire storage rack as a practical storage solution. Finally, consider positioning the bathtub […]

Choosing The Best Bathroom Design Color

Among the many things that make for an amazing bathroom is the bathroom design color. For most individuals, the bathroom is more than just the place for showers and long baths. The bathroom can be considered a place for meditation and relaxation, especially after a long, hard day of work. Choosing the right bathroom theme is crucial for some homeowners, especially those who understand the importance of preserving property value. An attractive design incorporates not […]

Awesome Modern Bathroom Mirror Ideas

bathroom mirror ideas
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The development of technology has changed the paradigm of home design. Includes bathroom mirror ideas. The bathroom is not only seen from the function, but of the beauty and comfortable. Today many people are arranging a bathroom into a comfortable place. Even the bathroom is often used as a place of relaxation. One important element in the bathroom that is often overlooked is the glass or we called bathroom mirror. Besides being used to look […]

ADA Bathroom Compliance Information

ada bathroom sink dimensions
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ADA bathroom is such another idea to enhance the public spaces for all people. Here many people are required to provide the ADA spaces. Thus, it is relatively important for you to understand the requirements immediately. In this case, it is meaningful to obtain the ADA certification as the commitment of providing the service for all people. Moreover, as you know that your competitors of your homestay business have already obtained the certification, you certainly […]

Contemporary Bathroom Decor for Minimalist yet Versatile Bathroom

Modern luxury contemporary bathroom
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Contemporary bathroom is the favorite design of bathroom in many modern households. Contemporary design is maximizing the functionality and the efficiency of the design. You can create this bathroom using some decorating elements which look contemporary. There are some characters of contemporary design that you can use in your own bathroom. You can get the bathroom design you desire by decorating the bathroom based on your choice. Popular Contemporary Bathroom Design Contemporary bathroom decorating ideas […]