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If you are hoping to create a sense of calm and freshness, you should consider a green bathroom design. Given that the bathroom is a place of comfort for many, a natural, calm ambiance will be important. It is the perfect place to spend a great deal of time alone to ponder, or simply unwind. Typically, the dominant color scheme used in most bathrooms is white, which for some individuals is a bit uninteresting. Why not make a statement in your own bathroom by selecting a different color palette?
Green bathroom design will add an element of freshness to your bathroom, although it isn’t a color that is widely used in bathrooms. If painting the bathroom walls in green is a bit extreme, the bathroom can be made to seem more natural with the addition of decorative indoor plants and accessories. Try to include a combination of dark and light green towels, wash rags, mats, paintings and tiles to set the tone.
To bring outdoor elements inside, use green colored wall paper or decorative strips on the walls of the bathroom that will blend with the outdoors, especially if you have more than one window. Using green accents on the wall will create a fresh atmosphere in the bathroom. White window frames are a fitting choice to give balance to the colors in the room. Do not hesitate to use large mirrors to give the illusion of more space!
For those who are big on conservation and sustainability, creating a green bathroom design may take on a whole different meaning. In addition to green paint and accessories, consider using all-natural wood furniture and fixtures. This will add to the authenticity of the bathroom, which can now serve as an oasis. Large, green leafy plants and nature inspired shower curtains can also bind the other elements in the bathroom together. Besides that, you can use other pieces such as rustic cabinets and storage cupboards to complete the design. What shade of green appeals to you the most? Wouldn’t you love to bring the outdoors inside your bathroom?
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