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The bathroom was initially a place for bathing, but now, things have changed. The bathroom has grown to become one of the most luxurious places in the home, with elaborate bathroom designs that homeowners spends thousands of dollars to design and build.
To create comfortable and functional bathroom designs, check out the recommendations below:
1. Take note of the air circulation in the bathroom
Air circulation in the lavatory is very important. Proper circulation will keep the bathroom smelling fresh, instead of stuffy and old. To achieve freshness in the bathroom, be sure to include windows in the design, or at least an exhaust fan.
2. Consider anti-slip flooring
A wet floor is dangerous. Anti-slip tiles are a great preventative option, as the bathroom floor is likely to get wet at some point or another. This is ideal for homes with young children and elderly occupants.
3. Create adequate storage
When designing the bathroom, be sure to consider storage. Bathroom storage is important because it will provide easy access, and reduce the need to store bathroom-related items in other areas of the house. Keep your extra towels, toiletries and cleaning agents handy with proper bathroom storage, whether on the walls or under the vanity.
4. Choose the correct lighting
To make your bathroom even more beautiful, invest in awesome lighting fixtures. In addition, try to ensure that the bathroom gets enough sunlight. Proper lighting is especially important if your bathroom doubles as your dressing room. You will need to be able to check for any blemishes and irregularities on your garments before heading out.
5. Space-saving doors
Small bathroom designs are more effective if too much space isn’t absorbed by the door. Consider using sliding doors where possible to save on space.
6. Note the slope of the floor
Ensure your bathroom floor has a minimum rate of 2% slope toward the drain. This will prevent a build-up in the event of an overflow of water in the bathroom.
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